Summer language fun for your little ones!

Grab your immersion passport and get ready for a summer of language learning adventures!

Des Moines Christian - Urbandale, IA

Des Moines Christian School in Urbandale, Iowa offers half-day language learning summer camps for two different age groups! The Immersion Ranch camp for Ages 3-7 begins on Monday, June 5. Immersion Passport (Ages 5-12) starts the following week on June 12. Find more information here.

Christ Lutheran Church - Baltimore, MD

Christ Lutheran Church in Baltimore, MD offers two half-day summer camp opportunities this year and a full day camp for those non-nappers! Immersion Ranch (Ages 3-6) begins on Monday, July 10. Immersion Passport (Ages 3-5 and Ages 6-12) begins the following week on July 17. For full day campers, the Immersion Passport camp for Ages 3-12 also begins on July 17. Find more information here.

Vail Schools - AZ

Vail Schools in Arizona have two camps in two locations this summer! The Immersion Passport (Ages 5-12) camp at Ocotillo Ridge Elementary begins on Monday, June 5. Immersion Sports (Ages 5-12) for Senita Valley students begins on June 5. Details on both camps can be found here.

Waukee Schools - Waukee, IA

Waukee Schools in Waukee, Iowa have multiple camps available this summer! Immersion Passport for Ages 3-5  and Ages 5-11 begins June 19 at Waukee Elementary. Immersion Ranch camps for Ages 3-5 and Ages 5-11 begins on July 19 and take place at Maple Grove Elementary. Find more information here.