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About The Language Project

We established The Language Project on the belief that all languages should be within every child’s reach. Bilingualism is an essential skill in today’s world and will continue to be an imperative in the future.

TLP prepares students nationwide with their innovative play-based methodology, creating a relaxed and fun environment where students acquire a new language in an easy and fun way: through games, songs and stories, as well as individual and collective activities.

TLP-Kids is a professional team concerned with the education of our children. Enthusiasm, professionalism, and great pride in their work are just a few of the characteristics that make our team of teachers stand out.

Why Learn Early?

Unsurprisingly, early childhood is the best time for language acquisition. Studies show young children can acquire native-like fluency as easily as they learned to walk. Young learners benefit from flexible ear and speech muscles that can still hear the differences between the sounds of a second language as well as reproduce them with native-like quality.

This means children learn naturally, building a second language system alongside—not through—the first. Adults learning a second language have to work through the established first language, studying numerous grammar rules and repeating pronunciation drills over and over.

Multiple Benefits

Children who study a foreign language:
• Show higher cognitive performance in overall basic skills in elementary school.
• Exhibit better problem solving skills, enhanced spatial relations and heightened creativity.
• Develop native like pronunciation
• Perform strongly in school & on standardized tests
• Gain an appreciation for other cultures

TLP’s Leadership

Sarah Greenwood - Founder and CEO

Sarah Greenwood, founder and CEO of The Language Project, has a passion for foreign language learning. The experiences of raising multilingual children and teaching foreign languages abroad led her to see the rapidly growing need for better foreign language learning in the United States. With this in mind, she embarked on bringing new language adventures to cities across the US.



The Language Project was established on the belief that learning languages is a life skill within every child's reach.



TLP firmly believes that bilingualism is an essential skill in today’s world and will continue to be imperative in the future.



Enthusiasm, professionalism, and high personal standard are just a few of the traits that set TLP's team of teachers apart.



Early childhood is the best time for language acquisition as children can acquire native-like fluency as easily as they learned to walk.


Distance Learning Specialist

As a former high school entrepreneurial instructor, Laureen is excited to be able to use her varied experiences in technology, graphics, printing, and teaching to move this innovative business into a market place that is yearning for foreign language education for children.


Curriculum Development and Teacher Training

Lisa is enthusiasm personified. With a life-long passion for languages, language learning, art and the outdoors Lisa brings a diverse skill set to every situation. She has spent the last twenty years searching for and finding better ways to facilitate language acquisition in her classes.


Midwest Programming Director

Emily obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in Spanish before spending 3+ years teaching English in Spain. Offering children an immersion setting without having to leave the country is an incredible opportunity and it is wonderful to have programs in Des Moines with a community that believes in and supports language learning.


Maryland Program Director


Arizona Programming Director

Blanca is a busy mom of two bilingual children. She came to the USA from Mexico 11 years ago and she has been an American by choice since then.
She is a positive, compassionate and loving soul. Blanca thrives when working with children.
Her vision is to see every child become bilingual!


Kansas Programming Director

Shaina is a fun- loving avid supporter of language learning. Having started her language journey during childhood and living in a bilingual household has opened her eyes to the world of opportunities that being multilingual can offer. She wants all children to be able to take advantage of their unlimited potential by being multilingual.

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TLP’s Dedicated Staff

Enthusiasm, professionalism, and great pride in their work are just a few of the characteristics that make our team of teachers stand out. 

Our teachers have the perfect profile to take on the inspiring task of teaching foreign languages to young learners. In addition, each is specially trained to teach according to our methodology. Apart from continuous training, we also regularly assess our teachers in order to guarantee the quality of our classes.

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