Fully Immersive, Fully Fun!


Further your child’s foreign language success outside of the traditional classroom

We know childhood learning doesn’t stop when school’s out for summer, which is why we partner with schools and parks departments across the nation to offer spring and summer foreign language camps and enrichment programs for students! We offer a selection of camps with different themes so your child will continue to explore their new language in an immersive, fun environment.

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TLP Camp Options

immersion ranch foreign language camp logo

Immersion Ranch

Ranch hands will ride the language learning trail to different Spanish speaking countries where they’ll learn & complete challenges only faced in the wild wild west!
immersion island foreign language camp logo

Immersion Island

Complete with hidden treasure, beaches, pirates and more; campers will focus on language learning through island adventures!
immersion sports foreign language camp logo

Immersion Sports

Join us as we explore the world’s countries through sports. This full immersion camp is a home run every time!
immersion passport foreign language camp logo

Immersion Passport

Campers “travel” by planes, trains and automobiles across the globe to visit Spanish speaking countries, learn the language & culture in this jam-packed camp!