Frequently Asked Questions

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What makes TLP Kids different from other language programs?

The Language Project Kids, founded and based out of Seville, Spain has years of experience in teaching foreign languages. Partnering with daycares, preschools, Elementary schools and various associations The Language Project Kids now serves more than 3000 students in our foreign language adventure programs providing opportunities for children to learn in a natural context and fun environment.

Can I enroll mid-way through a session?

Definitely. Because each child learns at his or her own pace, and our programs are immersive, kids can dive in at any point in time, as long as there is space available. We’ll do our best to make a spot available for you to start as soon as you would like.  The Language Project Kids will prorate your session tuition accordingly.

Is it too early for my child to start a second language?

It is never too early for a child to begin a new language. Children have a unique capability that allows them to learn languages naturally. Research shows that children have a window of opportunity from birth to adolescence. After adolescence, children lose this ability to learn naturally and then must translate their first language in order to learn a new language. The earlier a child begins a new language, the better.

My child is very young and barely speaks any English. Does it make sense for him/her to try to learn a new language at this age?

Research points to the fact that children have a rare ability to learn multiple languages naturally, an ability that decreases with each passing birthday. Starting young means taking advantage of their ability to pick up a native accent and reap the multiple cognitive benefits of building additional neural pathways. The Language Project Kids teachers place an emphasis on learning through play. They use music, toys and props along with movement and nonverbal communication to impart meaning in the new language. With lots of repetition and patience we make sure that every child can understand, participate and have fun learning.

I don´t speak the language my child is learning. How can I reinforce my child´s learning at home?

The Language Project Kids has many resources available for families to reinforce language learning at home if they choose to. Each enrolled student will receive a “Take the fun to Casa” kit which includes: Customized CD, vocabulary lists, audio links and a list of games and activities for the family to do together to reinforce the new language.

Can I try a free class?

We would love you and your child to visit one of our demo classes. We are confident that once you see our programs in action you will jump at the chance to enroll with us. During a free class we will encourage both you and your child to participate.

How long does the course run?

Learning a second language is an activity that requires uninterrupted continuity so each level of programming is set up to run the academic year (30 weeks) in order to see optimal results.

How much will my child learn?

Kids who come to The Language Project Kids classes learn a new language- especially if they stick with their classes for a year or more. Of course, the speed with which a child learns depends on their amount of exposure to native speakers. With native speakers leading your child´s classes, your child will begin to associate and understand words, then phrases, then sentences. Your child will begin to answer simple questions and respond to simple orders, speak in short phrases and then engage in simple conversation. We recommend attending class at least twice weekly for optimal language learning.

How often should I bring my child to classes?

Children are welcome to enroll as many days per week as they choose. Children will progress in their language learning attending once per week; however, attending more than once will increase their exposure, gain a deeper understanding and typically progress more quickly.

What is your pricing?

The Language Project has 3 convenient payment options: Monthly, Trimestral, or In-Full. We offer several discounts for siblings or prepayment. You can enroll at anytime and tuition is prorated if you join us midseason.

What are your associations?