Research Driven

Find out more about the research behind TLP’s proven methodology

Methodology Support Articles

The following methodology support articles and research papers can help you to understand second language learning and our methodology. All our teaching practices are research-based and effects-driven.

15 Reasons for Kids to Learn a Foreign Language

At the end of the day, isn’t this why most people learn a second language?

Learning a New Language Alters Brain Development

from McGill University summarizes how learning a second language in early childhood impacts brain development.

Benefits of Learning L2 in Early Childhood

a 4 minute video I use to summarize information from the American Council on Foreign Language Teaching website,

Multiple Articles Relating to Linguistics and Language Acquisition

Center for Applied Linguistics Digests

Bilingual Brains Better Equipped to Process Information

from Northwestern University discusses why the bilingual brain is better equipped to perform many tasks.

Language Acquisition vs. Language Learning

by Judie Haynes

How Children Learn a Second Language

By Linda Halgunseth — Diversity in Education Special Edition Contributor