Unit 2, Lessons 5-7

The Language Project Spanish Program Explorers Level Family Focus

Do you wonder what your child is learning in Spanish but you’re not sure how to evaluate it? Many parents wonder about this because learning a new language is a process that happens with time and practice. What’s important is that you’re interested in their journey and sharing the joy of discovering new things. Listening to Spanish together at home and giving them opportunities to practice in every day lifewill help to motivate and encourage them to continue their language learning journey.

Focus Theme: Identify and say words associated with school supplies and classroom objects. Review numbers.

Focus Phrases: ¿Cuántos hay? (How many are there?), Hay ­­­­____. (There are ____.), Qué es? (What is it?)

Family Focus: Backpack Attack! Dive deep into your child’s backpack to discover what lurks within.

  • What does your teacher call this in Spanish?Did you use any of these in Spanish class?
  • What activity was your favorite?
  • Did you talk in class about any objects that aren’t in your backpack? (Don’t worry if your child identifies objects in English that they are newly learning. This is normal, and you can practice with the link to Objetos de la Escuela (School Objects) after exploring together what’s in the backpack.)

After you listen to the audio, talk about which objects they use in school.

  • Ask: Did you use a “lapis” today?” Do you use a “lápiz” everyday? Will you use a “lápiz” tomorrow?
  • Be creative! Have fun with silly questions! Do you eat with a “lápiz”? Is there a “lápiz” in your hair? Is this a “lápiz” (holding up something different like a fork)? If you’re laughing, you’re doing it right!



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