Immersive Language Programs From Early Education Through Middle School!

The Language Project offers a sequential and comprehensive curriculum from early education through high school with a spiraled 8 level program for early ed & Elementary and a 3 level program for Middle Schools.

Whether you are looking for a full language program including instructor & full curriculum, or just wanting to offer a language club to your families, TLP offers various cost-effective alternatives to making language learning a part of your school.

TLP-Kids is a professional team concerned with the education of our children. Enthusiasm, professionalism, and great pride in their work are just a few of the characteristics that make our team of teachers stand out.


TLP is aligned to the ACTFL National Standards.

TLP easily meets or exceeds the requirement set in Standards for Learning Spanish, outlined in the Standards for Foreign Language learning in the 21st Century published by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The standards were developed around five key goals for language learners, known as The Five C’s. They are the following:


Student will be able to communicate in Spanish.


Student will gain knowledge and understanding of the cultures of the world.


Student will connect with our disciplines and acquire information


Student will develop insight into the nature of language and culture.


Student will participate in communities at home and around the world.

TLP’S Curriculum is:

Our two-level Intro to Spanish programs builds foundational vocabulary in the new language through games, music, movement, sensory activities and more. Using stories and music TLP students develop the skills of listening and deciphering new sounds in the foreign language. TLP’s engaging “play classes” not only aide in stimulating speech development but also strengthen the student’s environmental and cultural awareness.
  • Play-Based Learning Our play-based immersion curriculum is engaging and dynamic for young students, aiding in speech development as well as cultural and environmental awareness

  • Designed for StudentsDesigned for students at grade level, meaning the content is age appropriate and features engaging themes and topics.

  • Customizable 30-60 minute classes, one to five times per week.

  • Native-Level Teachers Native or teachers with native fluency trained specifically in second language acquisition.

  • Exclusive MediaEnrichment audio links & activities which can be distributed to families or used by teachers as an additional source of exposure throughout the week.

  • Grounded in Development Are grounded in the development and integration of the four key language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing.

  • Highly Interactive Feature highly interactive activities that reinforce skills in differing contexts and foundational language knowledge

  • Authentic Material Utilize authentic material, which build student confident and comfort in the target language.

  • NFLS AlignedTLP’s curriculum is aligned with the National Foreign Language Standards.

  • A Brighter FutureStudents completing TLP’s elementary program go on to take Spanish 1 in 7th & 8th grade and can receive high school credit.

  • Real-World Communication Skills Reinforce real-world communication skills, allowing students to apply language in common situations..

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