Classes for Each Unique Stage

Dynamic immersion Spanish for kids offered as after-school clubs and classes in schools and community centers nationwide.

The Language Project´s multi-level foreign language immersion curriculum develops functional skills in listening, speaking and writing in Spanish. Using a comprehensible input (Ci) approach, the activities build and require increase levels of engagement and

Who are they for:

Children PreK- Grade 5. Customized age-appropriate curriculum is also available for grades 6-8 and middle school clubs can be arranged upon request.


Classes meet one hour each week before or after school during the academic year. Weeklong summer camps are offered half-day (9-12) or full day (9:00-4:00) depending on the location.

Where are they held:

All classes conveniently held at school. For a complete list of current programs, click here

Who are they for

For children preschool-elementary school and can be arranged for middle school students upon special request.

Don´t see your school listed?
No problem! We will work with your school to provide an affordable before or after school Spanish program. The courses are completely funded by parents, making it an option for those schools struggling with budget cuts.

We take care of:

Class lists and management
Communication with parents and instructors
Recruitment and hiring of all instructors
Background checks and evaluations of all instructors
Unsurprisingly, early childhood is the best time for language acquisition as young children can acquire native-like fluency as easily as they learned to walk. TLP builds on these advantages to start developing the foundation for full bilingualism.
TLP Elementary Spanish Classes are designed with the unique capabilities of the age in mind and continue your child’s journey to bilingualism. Take off with Explorers, surmount challenges with Adventurers and finally your student will slay the monolingual dragon with Musketeers before exploring new worlds with Voyagers.

Summer Camp Programs

TLP Summer Camps are full immersion, week-long themed summer camps that are designed for children ranging from 3-10 years of age. With half day options, free t-shirt and included snacks at the “mercado”, your child will want to go all summer!

Private and Group Instruction

If we are near your city but you cannot find a program that works for you, our private and group instruction may be the best route for you. Our instructor comes to you. Whether it’s in your home, library or church it’s arranged specifically to meet the needs of your student and maybe even some of their friends.
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