Preschool Programs


Preschool Programs

Our two-level Intro to Spanish preschool programs build foundational vocabulary in the new language through games, music, movement, sensory activities and more.

Using stories, songs and circle time; TLP students develop the skills of listening and deciphering new sounds in the foreign language. TLP’s engaging “play classes” not only aide in stimulating speech development but also strengthen the student’s environmental and cultural awareness.

Why choose TLP for your child’s preschool language program?

Created for Developing Minds

TLP’s students build foundational vocabulary in their new language through our proven methodology. Students learn 2through games, music, movement, sensory activities and more!

Play-Based Learning

Our play-based immersion curriculum is engaging and dynamic for young students, aiding in speech development as well as cultural and environmental awareness.

Language Acquisition Experts

TLP Teachers are trained in second language acquisition and comprehensible input methodologies representing multiple countries around the globe.

Exclusive Media

Online resources & activities are made available to schools and families to increase impact of the lessons throughout the week

Additional Learning Opportunities

Through our immersive summer camps, special events and additional at-home resources, language learning never has to take a break!

One Great Program—Two Fantastic Options!

TLP Chimps

TLP Lion

Children absorb and practice the language while enjoying games, music, movement, sensory activities and more. Our Intro to Spanish programs focus on building foundational vocabulary in the new language.


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