Unit 3, Lessons 1-5

The Language Project Spanish Program Lions Level Family Focus

Focus Words (toys): La muñeca (doll), el carrito (baby carriage), la pelota (ball), el carro (car), la bicicleta (bicycle), la patineta (kick scooter or skateboard), el tren (train), crayones (crayons), el libro de colorear (coloring book).

Focus Activities:

  • Find the Toy
    • Print two sets of cards with images of the focus words: toys.
    • Hide one set of cards or real objects around the house.
    • With the second set of cards, pick an imagePick an image and say aloud the toy of the image, your child should go to find the corresponding toy and when he/she brings it, he/she should say the name of the toy aloud.
  • What toy is it?
    • Print the dice or draw it on a piece of a paper with your child.
    • Have your child draw and color a toy in each square.
    • Then, cut it with your child and stick the sides. 
    • Now, ask your child to throw the dice and ask: “¿Que juguete es? / What toy is it?
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