Unit 3, Lessons 6-10

The Language Project Spanish Program Lions Level Family Focus

Focus Words (professions): Policía (police officer), maestro (teacher), médico (doctor), bailarina (dancer), atleta (athlete), bombero (fireman).

Focus Activities:

  • What profession is missing?
    • Print 6 images of the professions vocabulary or cut from a magazine.
    • Have your child look at them and practice the words.
    • Tell your child to close his/her eyes.
    • Take an image.
    • Ask your child to open his/her eyes and ask ¿Qué falta? / What´s missing? Child guesses the missing image.
  • Pictionary
    • On a whiteboard or sheet of paper, draw something related to a profession. For example: Draw a syringe or stethoscope and child tries to guess “medico.”
    • Switch and now the child draws and the adult guesses.
  • Back to the Basics: 
    • Look and listen to the audio link with your child. (attached)
    • Try just listening the first time.
    • After that, say the words/phrases along with the speaker.
    • Next, try racing the speaker.
    • End by trying to say the words with the volume down.
    • Do each step in this process as many times as possible until it is very comfortable and your child is very successful. Try doing this on multiple days, as long as it remains fun for your child.
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