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TLP’s Fully Immersive Language Learning is Fully Fun!

The Language Project offers dynamic and interactive Spanish language programs for kids ages 18 months to 8th grade to start second language acquisition at an age where proficiency becomes possible.

We work with schools, educational centers and families nationwide offering after-school immersion clubs or in-school programs with teacher and immersion curriculum. With our multi-leveled spiraled curriculum, students enter middle and high school with an edge in school and later in the global market place and an increased awareness and appreciate for other cultures

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Virtual Spanish Clubs

Looking for a FUN, educational way to make the most of your virtual Fall? The Language Project has you covered with our NEW Virtual Spanish Clubs! We offer weekly Spanish classes taught by native Spanish instructors. Each 10-week unit covers a variety of different topics and structures taking you one step closer to bilingualism in each and every class.

Click for more information about Virtual Clubs or to register today.

Bilingualism is an essential skill in today’s world!


Kids learn the most when they are actively engaged. TLP achieves this with its play-based methodology.


Multiple Benefits Children who study a foreign language:

- Show higher cognitive performance in overall basic skills in elementary school
- Exhibit better problem solving skills, enhanced spatial relations and heightened creativity.
- Develop native like pronunciation
- Perform strongly in school & on standardized tests

What TLP Parents Are Saying

  • Leigh Troy
    Total immersion works! It is amazing to see how easy it is for the students to learn Spanish through gestures, movement and pictures.  They are learning Spanish vocabulary without even realizing it.  The teachers make the class engaging through interactive games and music.  The hour flies by because the children are moving around and having fun. This is an awesome opportunity for early education students to get a jumpstart on learning a language before middle school.
    Leigh Troy
    Baltimore MD
  • Paul Marziale
    A true immersion program. The teachers create a fun but structured learning atmosphere where the children pick up the language effortlessly.
    Paul Marziale
    Baltimore MD
  • Kate
    Janna had been asking for years to learn Spanish and I am so happy to have found you.  I had enrolled her in everything I could find, week-long summer camps, online language learning programs, etc, and none of them seemed to help her learn, so I am a big believer in the Language Project.
    Lincoln (NE)

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